Best Bluetooth Earbuds in 2017 Review

When it comes to sound quality Bluetooth Earbud has had a shocking rap, but some high-end models sound good compared to their wired counterparts.

By dropping the wire that connects the headphones, it opens many possibilities whether you are commuting, exercising, or charging your mobile device on the other end of the room. Here you will find some updated pairs that have made our list and some older ones that still impress users today.

Best of the best: Jaybird X2 Sport  

Jaybird X2 Sport-Bluetooth Earbuds

This may come as a shock to some, but our best of the best Bluetooth earbuds is the Jaybird X2 Sport. It is a top contender in any category, and that is what makes it the best all-around. They present you with great sound, they are durable, fits comfortably into most ears, and they are lightweight. The reason it fits into most years is the fact that it has many ears and wing tip combinations. Jaybird X2 Sport is sweat proof and great to use while exercising.

Some of their stand out features is that they:

  • Have Premium Bluetooth Audio availability for a skip-free music when outdoors,
  • The present you with 8 hours of music and calls with complete remote control access,
  • They have a secure over and beneath the ear fit,
  • It comes with a lifetime sweat-proof guarantee, and
  • You receive included a premium sports memory foam ear tips, patented secure fit ear fins; a friction fits silicone sports case, silicone ear tips, and charging cable and cord management clips.


When compared to their predecessors they have a more minimalist design with a variety of color options. The battery usage has improved that used to be 6.5 hours and now presents you with 8 hours of music and calls with complete remote control access. This Bluetooth Earbuds (Jaybird X2) stands at the number one spot!

Top 10 Bluetooth earbuds models in 2017 Comparison

Jaybird X2 SportJaybird X2 Sport

SoundPEATS Q9A Wireless Bluetooth Sweatproof Secure Fit Earbuds (Black)SoundPeats Q9A In-ear Wireless Sports Headphone4.1$10-$30
Jabra SPORT COACH (Blue) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Cross-Training - Retail PackagingJabra SPORT COACH Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds3.6$90-$150
The Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 ReviewThe Plantronics Backbeat Go 23.5$50-$100
Jabra Sport Pace Wireless HeadphoneJabra Sport Pace Wireless Headphone3.3$80-$100
Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear HeadphonePowerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone3.8$80-$150
SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear HeadphonesOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear Headphones3.5$80-$200
LG G5 Friends TONE Plus PLATINUM HBS-1100LG G5 Friends TONE Plus PLATINUM HBS-11003.6$150-$200
Sony SBH80 Bluetooth HeadsetSony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset3.7$50-$100
TaoTronics TT-BH06TaoTronics TT-BH064.2$10-$50

The difference between Bluetooth Earbuds and Wired Earbuds

When one looks at the difference between a Bluetooth Earbuds and Wired Earbuds in comparison to sound quality, the answers are limited. This one can rate according to their utility; Bluetooth is usually not one of the top broadcast systems when used in wireless headphones.

Take your Sennheiser RS range i.e. it uses MFSK tone on a gigahertz band carrier that broadcast uncompressed digital data with complete resolution. However, you do find products using 2.4 Gigahertz band to send uncompressed signals. The main problem is not the bandwidth or resolution the issue is that on sound quality per dollar basis.

When converting a good conventional headphone to a wireless device, you need to add it at a minimum transmitter, a DAC, a receiver, and an amplifier. When adding these extra items at the same quality, the price is double, compared to your standard headphone.

Why use Bluetooth Earbuds?

Many times, you are walking in the streets and low and behold, you see someone talking or singing away – no, they are not mad the likeliness is that they have a pair of Bluetooth Earbuds (no wonder it is wireless) on.

With these headphones, you can keep your mobile device in your pocket and has some great benefits, but there is more to Bluetooth than just using it to have a conversation. They are great to have as they are sound efficient and you can pair them with many different devices in your home for good sound quality. Therefore, what are these Earbuds benefits?

First, we cut the cable one of the benefits presenting you with a cord-free and hands-free option. How many times have you caught yourself in a wired earbud dangling from your ears – many times? Alternatively, perhaps you per accidently pulled them from your pocket or knotted them. They are great if you enjoy working out outdoors and listen to music. They are great battery savers and use lower power signals.

The sound quality improves if you buy a high-quality product. Many of these Bluetooth Earbuds have bass-boosting technology with noise-isolation to help you feel the beat while listening to the music. Whether you are running, walking, or need to get things done around the home, you can walk and talk freely. Many of these wireless headphones allow you to receive automatic phone calls while listening to music.

The latest designs of Bluetooth Earbuds are stylish and sophisticated. They are available in sporty designs and made to stay in one place while you are working out. They are sleek in design and do not mean that they are all expensive.

You can also do more than just listen with your wireless headphones. Many of these headphones work with more than just your MP3 player or mobile device. They even work with computers and TVs these days.

You can pair them with quite a few devices to listen to your TV show without anyone bothering you. Listen to music, podcasts, or anything you like on the TV or computer. They can pair up with most of the latest devices around the home, and you will not miss one beat.

There are many different Bluetooth compatible Earbuds to choose from, but by doing your homework; you will find one suited for your needs. However, here you can find our top ten Bluetooth comparison reviews making your work easier for you.

2.SoundPeats Q9A In-ear Wireless Sports Earphone Review

SoundPEATS Q9A Wireless Bluetooth Sweatproof Secure Fit Earbuds (Black)-Bluetooth Earbuds

There are several wireless “sports” headphones available in the SoundPeats range. However, the Q9A stand out from the rest. They are affordable when bought online and popular with many users. The sound quality compared to counterparts for the price is well. A lightweight headphone is comfortable to wear. The headphone held a solid Bluetooth connection and equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, and some users had a few wireless hiccups.

The headphone is water-resistant, and you receive two carrying cases – one soft mesh one and the other is a zippered clamshell-style casing. It includes a shortening cord so that you can adjust the length of the wire that links the earphones. You can find them in an array of colors.

The battery usage is 5 hours that is great compared to other Earbuds and charging it up takes up to 2-hours. Additionally, you have a built-in microphone that is great when in need of having a conversation on your phone.
They are great for working out and listening to music that is sweat-resistant at a great price and worth considering.

Stand out Features:

  • It has Bluetooth 4.1 giving you total freedom with advanced Pure Sound and SignalPlus technology,
  • It is lightweight, ergonomically designed, sweat-proof and has additional ear buds and hooks included,
  • Great to use while cycling (although not recommended), camping, hiking, gym, and any outdoor activities,
  • 5-hours of battery usage with premium talk/play time with incredible acoustic-rich bass and balance,
  • Has a built-in microphone for hands-free use,
  • Compatible with 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Android, Samsung Galaxy, Windows devices, and tablets, and
  • You receive the headphones, a USB charging cable, 6 Ear Hooks, 6 Ear Cushions, two casings, cable clip, and the User manual for the SoundPeats Q9A with a 12-month warranty.

Overall customers are pleased with the product rating it with a 3.9-star rating. Moreover, works fine and they are impressed with the connection, sound, and fit. They are available from many different online retail stores, but Amazon is selling it at a low-cost price.

3.Jabra Sports COACH Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Jabra SPORT COACH (Blue) Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds for Cross-Training - Retail PackagingA minute brand dedicates them to fitness, and one of these is the Jabra SPORT COACH. They have been the leaders in providing fitness users with mainstream wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. It has great sound quality and a great fit.
These wireless headphones are IP55 rated making them both waterproof and sweat-resistant. They are not entirely, waterproof so do not drop them in a pool, but for working out in the rain, they work great. They come with multiple sized ear wings and tips making them a perfect fit.

Where sounds concerned they fit firmly presenting one with a good seal that muffles outside sound. This is great if you want to listen to music while exercising in a gym. It has a reserved battery life of up to 5-hours and enough for the average use while working out at the gym.

The other amazing feature is that these wireless earbuds provide you with real-time coaching directly to your ears. With the accessible app, you can keep track of your advancement, track your weight training, or chart your running. It also takes care of your basics such as velocity, steps, calories, and distance.
If you do not own a fitness tracker, the Bluetooth Earbuds may provide a great alternative. It talks to you and goes back to playing music.

Unique Features:

  • Has an integrated cross training app to personalize your workouts,
  • Designed with TrackFit motion sensor to measure steps, calories, distance, pace, and cadence,
  • Powered by Dolby,
  • Weather, dust, and sweat-resistant with IP55 rating and NFC pairing,
  • You can control the calls and music from the earbuds,
  • Your receive multiple sized ear gels and wings to personalize your fit,
  • Available in three different colors blue, red and yellow, and
  • Includes the lithium battery


Overall, this Bluetooth Earbuds received a 3.6 rating from different users at Amazon and customers have biased feelings when buying it. Many clients are satisfied with the Jabra Sport Coach headphones and as with any product, you have some that criticize the fit and the guarantee that is not available when bought internationally.

4.The Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 Review

The Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 Review-Bluetooth Earbuds

Compared to its older brother the Go stereo Bluetooth headset the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 has improved and fixed many of the problems found in the earlier version. There are many other styles available in the range, but this one is selling at a worthwhile price.

Compare to our other brands available this wireless headphone only has a battery usage of up to 4.5-hours. On the other hand, they do present you with a resolution as they offer you an additional charging case to power it up while on the go.

It is a lightweight and minutes Bluetooth headset with superb wire and earbuds preventing tangles. They tweaked the microphone/remote to use the buttons with ease. The middle button serves for call/answer, a redial button, and pause the music. There are volume buttons for tracking forward/back.

It pairs automatically with your mobile device once paired previously. The Bluetooth Earbuds designed with voice prompts when you had the earbuds on and connected with battery usage indicator. It has an LED light on the earpiece.

The earphones are covered in a coating of P2i for moisture protection making it water and sweat-resistant. Furthermore, it has a DeepSleep function that is great for the battery as it goes into hibernation mode. The speakers improved with a 6mm third-generation speaker.

Main Features:

  • Has enhanced bass for better sound,
  • Designed with military-grade resistance against moisture making it rugged and tangle free,
  • Includes a charging case with up to 14.5 hours of listening time when used in the casing,
  • The DeepSleep method puts it into hibernation when you are not using it,
  • With the inline controls, you can make calls, adjust the volume, and skip tracks,
  • Designed with various in shape alternatives, and
  • The package contains the earbuds, a soft charging case, rechargeable battery, a Micro USB charger, three ear tips, fit stabilizer, and a quick start guide.


Users are pleased with the overall use of the earbuds. They have rated it with 3.5 stars and satisfied with the flexible use of the headphones. While others feel that, they can lose the case for charging. They enjoy the ease of use and sound. However, have minor complaints with pairing to their iPhone.

5.Jabra Sports Pace Wireless Headphone Review

Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Headphone-Bluetooth Earbuds

The Jabra Sport Pace Wireless Headphone is a straight up in-ear workout headphone with a difference it has earbuds attached to hook it on the outside of your ears. They are lightweight, and you will barely feel them. They come in three sizes of silicon ear tips.

The wireless headphones IP54 rated and great to use in the rain, dust, and sweat-resistant. The headphone includes a training app to give you information on your progress while training. It tells you your distance and pace, calories burned and the duration of your workout.

It has a small mic with a control module in the cable. The cable comes with a reflective coating to make it more visible. The control module is standard with the basic functions such as volume, skipping tracks, and playback. With the multifunction button, you can answer calls, but the stand out feature is the button found on the outside of the headphones.

Pressing the button helps it to communicate with the app in different ways. It only has a 5-hour battery usage; however, has rapid charging included. You can plug it in for 15-minutes, and it presents you with enough charge up to an hour.

Exceptional Features:

  • Presents you with premium wireless sound,
  • In-line controls for music and calls,
  • Behind the ear wearing style with multiple sized ear gels,
  • IP54 rating for rain, shock, dust, and sweat-resistance,
  • Designed with rapid charge,
  • Has a reflective cable making you more visible when running late at night and early mornings,
  • Designed with integrated Sports Life App,
  • Pairs with most popular sports applications, and
  • The package includes the wireless headphones, two sizes of earbuds, and a USB charger with a start up guide.


This Bluetooth Earbuds received an overall good rating from clients with 3.3 stars. Many are pleased with the price, sound, fit, and use of the sports app. While there had been some users, who complained that, they hurt their ears.

6.Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone-Bluetooth Earbuds

The Beats have been around for a while, and one that stands out is the Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone. This headphone is preferred by most people as it has an emphasized low end and comfortable to wear.

They also have ear clips to fit around the ear and the cables flat to avoid tangling. While the control module on the wire has, all the norm suspects for playback control but prioritize the volume by a few simple clicks. It has a multifunction button in the middle for pause & resumes and works great if you have an iOS device. While the middle buttons used for answering and ending calls on an Android device.

It presents you with a decent battery usage of up to 6-hours and has rapid charging. The Bluetooth headphone is both water and sweat-resistant and has an IPX4 rating. The headphones made for using in exercise and for average use as well.

It is lightweight and engineered with dual-drive acoustics offering you premium sound when needed the most. It has over-molding on the RemoteTalk TM for a great grip when changing volume and great for making hands-free calls.

Great Features:

  • Pair it up with any Bluetooth device as it has a 30-foot range,
  • Presents you with 6-hours of battery usage,
  • Designed with IPX4 certification making it water and sweat-resistant,
  • Adjust the music on the no-slip-grip RemoteTalk control and take hands-free calls, and
  • Included the wireless earphone, a RemoteTalk cable, universal micro USB cable, carrying case, a cable management clip, four pairs of multi-sized ear tips and a Quick Start Guide.


The Powerbeats 2 has quality, and one can choose from different color options. Overall, it received a 3.8 rating at Amazon and many enjoy the freedom it gives them when used.

7.SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear Headphone Review

SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless In-Ear Headphones-Bluetooth Earbuds

The SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless headphones have an around the neck design. They are available in two colors black and gray. It is a water-resistant headphone you can use anywhere and a sturdy pair made by LG. This in-ear headphone is comfortable to wear.

They have well fitting earbuds with different ear tip sizes. The collars bendable and fits nicely in the contour of the neck plus it offers you great bass when used. It is lightweight, and you can wear it all day. This pair of Bluetooth headphones has a biomorphic neckband that is soft and has the battery and controls built into the neckband.
Placed on the neckband, you find the volume buttons with a multifunction button to pause/play music, take calls, adjust volume, and skip tracks. It is sweat resistant as well, and the battery usage is up to 8-hours.

Superb Features:

  • Has a strong, powerful sound with low bass,
  • Lightweight, and the battery and other electronics are strategically placed in the ultra light neckband,
  • Has a superb neckband design for wearing all day,
  • Designed to use multiple ear tips for noise reduction,
  • Connects with multiple mobile devices and Bluetooth compatible,
  • The ear tips are set for life meaning that the Sol Republic will replace the tips if you lose them, and
  • Has an 8-hour battery usage and designed with Bluetooth 4.0 with APTX technology.


If you need a pair of Bluetooth Earbuds that shapes with your neck and received an overall rating of 3.5 stars the SOL REPUBLIC Shadow Wireless is made for you. Users like the strong BT signal, the decent price, the great fit, and good sound.

8.LG G5 Friends TONE Plus PLATINUM HBS-1100 Review

LG G5 Friends TONE Plus PLATINUM HBS-1100-Bluetooth Earbuds

The LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 is an around the neck design wireless earbuds or are they. One needs to drape the housing around your neck and has a lightweight design with retractable ear tips. As it is a balanced armature driver, it generates less distortion compared to your typical headphone.

The Platinum is equipped with aptX HD Audio Codec to improve the wireless sound when used. It has an integrated microphone for making and receiving calls. The headphone is complete without wires and great for exercise.

All the basic uses built into the neckpiece, have a sleek design, and carry the Harman Kardon stamp of approval. It offers you 10-hours of battery use and has dual noise canceling in the microphone. The controls are unique and work with sliders and buttons to control music. On the left is a multifunction button to answer calls while the slider lets you check battery life or toggle vibrations of the headphone.

On the right side, you have the playback controls and buttons for pause/play related to your music with other sliders to switch between tracks. You can download the app for custom actions such as reading out SMS messages received.

Features that stand out:

  • Has a slim and ergonomic design metal neckband,
  • Functions with a 24 bit Hi-Fi Sound,
  • Equipped with aptX HD audio codec for wireless improvement,
  • Has an integrated microphone,
  • Completely without wires,
  • 10-hour battery usage,
  • All the function sliders and buttons are built into the neckpiece,
  • Has multiple buttons and sliders, and
  • Designed lightweight with retractable ear tips


This Bluetooth Earbuds packed with useful features with great sound quality. It received an overall rating of 3.6 stars. Users say it is a great wireless headphone for traveling and listening to music. As it is still new, there are not that many reviews available yet.

9.Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset Review

Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset-Bluetooth Earbuds

For great audio, nothing beats Sony. Although, the Sony SBH80 Bluetooth Headset does not have all the latest advancements they do have HD Voice and aptXTM technology making for a more crispy sound. The design of the earbuds unusual compared to most other brands, however, does have the familiar neckpiece.

It is lightweight and has the two earbuds attached to it with two control modules found on each wire. One lets you answer calls or end phone calls while the other controls all playback functions. Both of them have microphones built into them and helps that your voice comes through clearly when used.

The aptX codec helps with CD quality streaming when paired with a compatible device. It also has NFC if you do not like pairing the headphones via Bluetooth. You only need to tap the NFC logo found on the back of the neckband and it automatically pairs with devices.

Prominent Features:

  • Designed with NFC pairing with one touch and compatible with most NFC mobile devices and Bluetooth-enabled,
  • Designed with aptXTM audio enhancement for high-quality sound,
  • Has HD voice and superb for people who need to hear you speaking when answering calls,
  • Supports Bluetooth Multipoint to connect the headphones to two mobile devices simultaneously, and
  • Has micro dynamic drivers for clear clarity offering you the best audio sound


This Bluetooth Earbuds has received some great star ratings 3.7 for superb sound quality, superb BASS, secure fit, and better button control. While others are pleased with the affordable price and the great features, you receive.

10.TaoTronics TT-BH06 Review

TaoTronics TT-BH06-Bluetooth Earbuds

The TaoTronics TT-BH06 is a wireless sports headset that is durable, sturdy, and packed with quality features. With the TT-BH06 you can set yourself free from wires as it has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, CVC noise cancellation technology, and pairs easily with a couple of seconds with any mobile device.

It has a wireless range up to 33 feet with the uncompromised aptX sound quality for compressing noise when used. The headset is lightweight and has interchangeable ear buds and hooks. The battery lasts up to 5-hours of use and it is sweat-resistant.

One can find the controls on the right earphone and instinctive to use while the LED light helps to indicate pairing of your device. It has a press-and-hold button, volume control button on the side, and revert/skips track controller. It provides you with a voice feedback when powered.

This Bluetooth Earbuds has an HD quality audio, volume control, Wake up Siri, ISO battery status, and operates with a Li-polymer battery. Use it with voice prompts and next/previous track and backed with a 12-month warranty.

Fashionable with great Features:

  • Has a Bluetooth 4.1 operation design with 5-hour battery usage,
  • Designed with aptX Lossless Sound for best sound quality,
  • Has a built-in HD mic for clear voice transmission,
  • Designed with CVC Noise Cancellation preventing outside sounds when used,
  • Included in the package you receive the TT-BH06 in-ear headphones, a Micro USB charging cable, three pairs of tips, three pairs of ear hooks and a user manual, and
  • Additionally, you receive a 12-month warranty


This Bluetooth Earbuds has received an excellent rating from customers rating it with 4.2 stars. This earbud is pleased with the sound quality and the intuitive controls. It even has a nice looking LED light indicating pairing of the devices. Many clients found the hands-free feature the best to use.

Final Thoughts

Using any of these best Bluetooth Earbuds available in 2016 presents you with quality, durability, free of wires, and great sound. Whether you are exercising in the gym, cycling, running outdoors, or on a hiking trail, they are comfortable to wear and present you with some great features at affordable prices. The majorities of these Bluetooth earbuds are fashionable and present you with different colors and contours to make for a comfortable fit. These are the best obtainable Bluetooth Earbuds available online from different retailers; however, if you need to look at some great reviews Amazon has the best available feedback from different clients. Check out these headphones and choose one that suits your perfect needs from using it around the home to exercising making for a comfortable and durable fit.

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